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Oil and Gas Association of Tanzania (OGAT) was formed in 2009 as an Oil & Gas Industry Association in Tanzania. The purpose of OGAT is to provide a conduit between industry, the Government and wider Civil Society. OGAT is registered in Tanzania as a company limited by guarantee and has Memorandum and Articles of Association and a Board of Directors to represent its members in the rapidly growing gas sector

During all OGAT meetings, Members are regularly reminded about OGAT’s Anti-trust Policy to ensure strict adherence to anti-trust conduct.


To promote dialogue between government, industry and local communities



There are two types of Membership of OGAT:

Full Members
Full Members hold or are joint ventures in a Production Sharing Agreement (PSA)
Have a substantial interest or connection with the Hydrocarbon Industry in Tanzania

Board Committees

Currently four Committees report to the OGAT Board of Directors, these are:

  • Legislative Framework Committee
  • Tax Committee
  • External Communications Committee
  • Local Content Committee