The meeting participants are reminded that they may be potential competitors in certain markets, and are subject to antitrust/competition laws.

OGAT members are committed to compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including antitrust/competition laws.

Any discussions are for the purpose of informing members about general oil and gas related developments in Tanzania.

Discussions which might be misconstrued as price fixing, customer or market allocation, attempts to alter the competitive open bidding season, or boycott suppliers and customers are not allowed.

Discussions of other competitively sensitive subjects such as marketing strategies, supply and demand forecasts, open season bids, specific suppliers, and customer information are not allowed.

Written agendas will be prepared and reviewed by the meeting secretary/ attorney prior to all meetings and minutes circulated after the meetings.

If any meeting participant has any concerns regarding compliance with these antitrust considerations during the meeting, he/she should inform the Chair and withdraw from the meeting.